Humber Retirees' Association Bursary
This bursary is funded by Humber staff, usually retired, either directly or indirectly. Staff can contribute directly to bursaries by giving money to the Treasurer of the Retirees' Association who in turn gives it to Holsee Sahid, Manager of Financial Aid. Holsee deposits in the Humber Retirees' bursary account.  Or retirees can contribute indirectly through the 50/50 draw at the AGM or the ticket draw at the Christmas luncheon. Again the money collected is given to Holsee.  Two counselors from the Counseling Office met with Holsee to review the applications for the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund Bursary (OSOTF).  We received many applications and have limited funding for this bursary.  From this bunch of applications Holsee selects 4 students who are successful in their program and have a financial need based on their OSOTF application and budget form plus a letter from each student explaining their financial situation. She then makes recommendations to the Retirees' Association who approve the distribution to the student(s). The amounts vary, but the usual amount given is $300-750. This can be given to the student(s) at any time in the year.

Humber College Retirees' Association Scholarship
This award was initially set up by Doris Tallon out of the President's office. Retired staff would make donations to an award that Doris would manage. Doris got the retirees involved and the retirees became the managers of the fund. Doris found out that the government had a scholarship program called the "Ontario Trust for Student Support (OTSS)". The government matched whatever money we had in the fund with the understanding that we only use the interest on that money.  They are no longer running this program and no additional money can be added to this fund. The college invests the money and we award the interest. Students who have high academic achievement (e.g. greater than 70%) and have a financial need are invited by Adelia Marchese in the Advancement Office to apply for this scholarship. The Advancement Office processes the applications. The scholarship is presented once a year. This award is usually shared through the various divisions of the college. Currently in the scholarship account there is $16,191. More information is available on the College's Financial Aid website.