Humber Retirees' Association Bursary
Humber College Retirees’ Association (HCRA) contributes money raised in a variety of ways (raffles, lottery donations) to this bursary fund. The money is received by the Financial office of the HCRA board and is transferred to the Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations.

The bursaries are intended for students in financial need and who are academically successful in their program. The Office for Advancement and Alumni Relations receives and reviews applications, and decides who will receive the bursary.

The number of bursaries given each year will depend on the funds available. Each bursary is generally $750.00. The Office notifies HCRA when the bursary is given and often the student will write to HCRA expressing his/her appreciation.

In 2019, HCRA was recognized for members’ contribution of $10,000.00 with a plaque on the gratitude wall located in the main hall of the North Campus.

Humber College Retirees' Association Scholarship
The scholarship award was established in memory of Doris Tallon, who was the Executive Assistant to Dr. Robert Gordon, President of Humber College. The money was contributed by Humber College staff and others who knew Doris. The funds raised were matched by the Ontario Trust for Student Support (OTSS). The college invests the money and the interest is awarded each year to a student with high academic standing (70%) and who is in financial need.

The award is managed by the Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations. The award is given annually with student selection rotated among the divisions. The student recipient usually writes to HCRA expressing his/her appreciation.

More information is available on the College's Financial Aid website.